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Awesome 2016 Subaru Legacy Full Car Evaluation

Awesome 2016 Subaru Legacy Full Car Evaluation

Subaru has never been worried for chart its own way. In the initial person car, the rear-engine, two-cylinder, two-stroke Subaru 360, for the import-duty-skirting Subaru Brat from the 1970s, the company developed the reputation completing markets that many manufacturers never perhaps realized existed. This effectiveness served Subaru properly, assisting it produce a tiny although devoted next. Nevertheless following viewing a Toyota Camry and Honda Accord strike the large moment, Subaru determined it was time to push the company out of the left from the switch and introduced the greater, slightly less trendy History on the U.S. market for 1990. Even though the vehicle acquired it is fans-it showed up taking the brand’s trademark flat-four engine with an all-wheel-drive chassis-it rarely established enough of the customer base to take Subaru mainstream achievement.

While the Forester, Impreza, and Outback wagon continued to leverage the brand’s idiosyncrasies to win fans in Contraryville, the Legacy’s identity crisis continued unabated. Subaru concedes that the Legacy’s sales were not only far below those of its crossovers, but essentially a rounding error of the Toyota Camry’s, which outsold the Subie sedan by as much as 17 to 1 in recent years. Yet Subaru says the sixth-gen 2015 Legacy is “a Subaru first, and sedan second,” adding, “we are not just a crossover brand.”

But fire up the engine, and you question the whole “Subaru first” shtick. The standard flat-four and the upgrade flat-six engines now are tethered via new liquid-filled motor mounts that filter out a remarkable amount of vibration. The motor mounts are aided in their quest to tamp down NVH by an acoustical-glass windshield, expanded use of foam-filled frame members, thicker panels, and extensive use of underfloor sound-deadening material. Matting the throttle in the 2.5-liter four-cylinder yields an instant and determined response-and a familiar oversquare soundtrack, if you listen attentively-that feels about on the mark for its rated output of 175 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque. The four-banger Legacy’s not quick by any measure, but it doesn’t lack gumption.
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Neat 2016 Subaru Legacy Comprehensive Car Review

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